Children and Youth

We have a number of groups which are run jointly with the Episcopal Church.

All Stars Youth Club (Usually the first Sunday of the month at 6 pm in Insch Church Hall.)

All Stars Small Group (times vary) Messy Church at 3.30pm in Insch Church Hall (dates vary) 

Please contact Dr . Kay F. Gauld for further information.

Africa Week

The children learned about Rwanda from Suzanne Munro, a teacher who has experienced life there; and they will learn about Malawi from Pat Duncan who was a midwife at Ekwendi Hospital. Two young gentlemen from Keith, Gavin McWilliam and Ross Grant, will lead innovative games with a Rwandan or Malawian theme and using African children’s toys.

On the Thursday we held two sessions with the Rhythm Box when each child will learn how to play an African drum. Suzanne also taught dances from Rwanda, and Rachel, who is from Tanzania, made dance skirts for the girls! The boys loved learning how to make an African football, and the girls made beads out of paper to name but a few of the crafts! On the Friday there was a BBQ and prize giving.

In the daily drama we joined Cornelius (Corny!) the Roman slave and his family as they tried to learn magic from the witch doctor, Messy Messy, the Messy Warrior and her friend, Mankey Monkey! In addition, Samson and Delilah told their stories.


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