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 on Sunday the 11th. December at 10.30am!   


Our Weekly Prayer

Creator God, winter has come and it is grey, cold and bitter; yet there are also moments of beauty in the soft rose rays of the rising sun and the glorious glow of the setting sun. During this Advent Season we are on a journey.

For some of us it is a terrible journey through the greyness of confusion over where our lives are going; the cold and frostiness of rejection by others; the bitterness that happiness and success have been snatched from us; the pain and hurt that sting and numb us.

And yet, God of mercy and compassion, You give us signs of hope in the rose rays of the rising sun that, through our confusion, there is a path which leads us to a better dawn; and through the glorious glow of the setting sun we can find the warmth and comfort of love and the peace to overcome bitterness.

Advent God, come to us. Come into our hearts and melt the ice which has formed. Come into our lives and prompt us to remember that true riches are not in fame and fortune but are in loving relationships with You and with one another. Bless us with the rising and setting of Your Son, Jesus Christ, our Lord, Amen. (K.F.G.)

Our News

A WARM WELCOME awaits you at Insch-Leslie-Premnay-Oyne Parish Church on Sunday the 11th of DECEMBER at 10.30am! ALL WELCOME!

THE AWARD WINNING AURORA CHOIR CAROL CONCERT on FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER at 7pm for 7.30pm! Entry £5; children under 12 are FREE! We look forward to seeing you there.

THE COMMERCIAL HOTEL is putting on a FREE Christmas lunch on the 25th December at noon for all those who will be on their own on Christmas Day. Please book through the Commercial Hotel. ALL welcome! You will be treated to a royal lunch! 

The Aberdeenshire Public Health team are encoring us to look after our mental health. There are 5 simple ways that you can Mind Yer Mind. These are: Connections, Learning, Taking Notice, Giving, Being Active

“We’ve created resources that offer simple advice, highlight groups and activities across Aberdeenshire, and provide contact details for people who might need additional support and advice. These downloadable resources are on the Mind Yer Mind website, ( and include: E-books, with information on groups and activities in Banff & Buchan, Banff, Formartine, Garioch, Kincardine & Mearns and Marr; Mind Yer Mind pocketbook, suitable for people of all ages, with hints and tips on how to look after your mental wellbeing.” Carolyn Lamb. 

We are very grateful to the Glens of Foudland Windfarm Community Trust for their recent generous donation to our Community Food Larder which will certainly help us to continue to help in a number of different ways in the parish. This donation has already helped us to provide a number of children with warm jackets and coats; hats, scarves and gloves and socks. And thank you very much to the individuals who have also provided jackets and accessories. ALL the families have been very grateful. Thank you very much to all the Trustees of the Windfarm Community Trust.

Our church hall is registered as a Warm Space where people can come to keep warm fro a few hours, get a hot drink and a biscuit, talk with one another, play board games, charge their ‘phones, and where children can come to do their homework and keep warm.
Thank you very much to those who have volunteered. Happy to accept more volunteers!

DONATIONS FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE UKRAINE can be dropped off with Pamela at the D.I.Y shop; Susan Menzies at 13 Dunnydeer Gardens 07427 877408; and Karen Gray at Aultcairn, Auchleven 07522 439527.

THE COMMUNITY LARDER has resumed normal delivery services. We are happy to help anyone. No referral needed. Private and confidential.
Weekly shops are delivered on a THURSDAY. Emergency shops can be done at almost any time. We provide families with fresh meat, vegetables, bread and milk, as well as with long life foods. All contact is private and confidential. Please ask for help at any time.
CONTACTS: Dr. Kay on 07951 059272 or Diane McCallum on 07828 456651. Thank you very much to all who give regular support.
Should SANTA require any help to provide presents for children this year, do get in touch with Dr. Kay as soon as you can. Santa letters will be passed to him via Dr. Kay, so get writing!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE to make a donation to our church funds, the bank details are: TSB Sort Code 30-25-89 Account number 00753593. The name of the account is INSCH, LESLIE, PREMNAY, & OYNE PARISH C. Thank you for your generous support.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE to make a donation to the Community Larder, the bank details are: TSB 30-25-89 account number 00820428. The name of the account is INSCH, LESLIE, PREMNAY & OYNE PAR CHOI, and, most importantly, please write “Community Larder” ON THE BACK OF THE CHEQUE. Thank you very much for your generous support. 

MONDAY 5th DECEMBER: The Bible Study meets in the small hall at 7pm.

MONDAY 5th of DECEMBER at 6.15pm: NATIVITY rehearsal in the church.

MONDAY 5th of DECEMBER at 7.15pm IN THE CHURCH: VOLUNTEERS please to wrap up Santa presents of which there are many this year. Please let Dr. Kay know if you can help.

TUESDAY 6th DECEMBER at 1pm - 4pm: FUN and FRIENDSHIP CHRISTMAS PARTY open to ALL who would like to attend. Would elders please make sure that everyone in their districts has been invited. Thank you.
We shall be joined by guests: Gavin McWilliam and Annie’s Nursery! We have over fifty attending.
DRIVERS required PLEASE to deliver folk to the party and to take them home again. Someone told Dr. Kay last week that they were available but, apologies, she has forgotten who it was and that person is needed! Please remind her who you are. Thank you.


THURSDAY 8th DECEMBER from 2pm to 5pm our warm space will be open from 2pm to 5pm. Thank you very much to our volunteers. Would they please speak to Dr. Kay.

FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER at 2pm in the small hall: The Guild Christmas Party.

😎 FRIDAY 9th DECEMBER at 7.30pm -
9 pm: The AURORA CHOIR CHRISTMAS CONCERT. Refreshments will be served at half time. There will be a raffle. ADULTS £5; children under the age of 12 are free! It is always a great concert! It will finish about 9pm.
WOULD YOU PLEASE BE SO KIND as to donate a few raffles for the Aurora Choir Concert. We benefit from half of the profits!
ALSO, VOLUNTEERS please to sell the raffles. Dr. Kay cannot do it, so please help. Thank you.

SATURDAY 10th DECEMBER at 7pm: NOT TO BE MISSED - The Scout Carol Service.

MONDAY 11th DECEMBER at 6.15pm in the church: NATIVITY REHEARSAL.

SATURDAY 17th in the church: time to be decided - NATIVITY REHEARSAL.

SUNDAY 18th DECEMBER: THE NATIVITY SERVICE followed by mulled wine and mince meat pies and lovely cakes.




SUNDAY 25th DECEMBER: CHRISTMAS DAY SERVICE at 10.30am. Please, everyone, bring a gift! 

Donate Online

Church of Scotland ministers are reaching out by phone or online to provide pastoral care and spiritual support to people who need reassurance, hope and comfort. Many are supporting our key workers and their families as they continue to deliver vital services. They are caring for bereaved families amid challenging restrictions.

In addition, many churches are providing critical community services such as running foodbanks and feeding the hungry and homeless. A donation from you can help support the Church's work in your area and ensure the Church is sufficiently equipped and resourced to face these challenging times.

Whether you are a church member who wants to continue to give your regular offering to your own congregation or a friend to the Church who is moved to contribute for the good of your community, we want to help you support the Church in whichever way you feel led.


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