Our Weekly Prayer

God our Father, in your love you welcome us as your children. Through your care you have shaped our world and the ways in which it is governed; with your mercy you hear our prayers. Jesus, our risen Master, in our weakness, you call us. In our confusion you lead us to clarity. In our troubles you offer us peace. In your baptism you opened the doors of Heaven to us. Spirit, Living One, in the beginning, you breathed life; in chaos and darkness, you brought hope; in many tongues, you spread good news, good news that we are the children of God. Transform us, Your people, that we may live up to Your calling.

O God, Loving Father, Son and Spirit, we come with honesty to admit that we have failed you, your creation and your people, in many ways. We have lacked enthusiasm in response to the exceeding joy by which you bless us; we have dampened the spirits of others because they show that joy. We have contributed to the chaos of sin in our world. Above all, we confess that we are anxious and extremely concerned over our nation’s future, fearful of divisions, aggression and violence.

Lord, we open our hearts to your forgiveness, cleansing and absolution; to your rehabilitation in living for the Kingdom of Christ. Remind us of the unity we are blessed with for we are united with You in Your love, power and mercy. Whatever happens in the days ahead, help us to be peacemakers, to be gracious and merciful and keep on loving despite our differences. Accept our prayers that we may live in true joy and peace that can only come from you, God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit, Amen. (KFG)

Our News

A VERY WARM WELCOME AWAITS YOU at INSCH-LESLIE-PREMNAY-OYNE PARISH CHURCH (Church of Scotland) on Sunday the 26th JANUARY at 10.30am. Please stay for refreshments, a fine piece and a wee blether. We would be delighted to see you there.

SUNDAY CLUB as usual (begins in the church) - ALL AGES WELCOME!

Our cleaner and church hall keeper is Mrs Diane McCallum. You can contact Diane on 07828 456651.

A message from the Food Bank:
“We are very grateful for ALL food donations that are made here but this month we are particularly short of the following items:
Tinned meat (stewed steak, mince etc.); tinned fish; tinned potatoes; tinned veg (carrots and peas especially); Individual puddings (jelly/fruit pots); Angel Delight/Instant Whip/jellies.
Currently we have very good supplies of pasta, soup, beans and tea bags, thanks to your generosity. And thank you for your continuing support!

From TUESDAY 25th FEBRUARY the club “RATTLE and SHAKE” will take place from 1.45 pm to 2.45pm in the church hall run by Dr. Kay Gauld with a team of experienced teachers. ALL WELCOME from baby to school age with family members and friends. For the first few meetings we would like help from members to MAKE TEA/COFFEE and juice and cut up cakes. If you can help, then please place your name on the sheet at the door. THANK YOU!
The format will be music with percussion instruments, and stories with participation by all. The second half will allow the adults to relax over coffee and chat while the children play. If you would like a registration form, please contact Dr. Kay on e-mail KGauld@churchofscotland.org.uk or pick up a form from Pamela at the D.I.Y. shop in Insch. There is NO CHARGE for the club. A donation towards tea bags, coffee, and a fine piece would be appreciated. REGISTRATION by TUESDAY 18th FEBRUARY. We would be delighted to see you there. ALL WELCOME.
Thank you very much to Angela Aitken and Alison Wilson for getting this club up and running.

2) “MUSICAL TEE!” - NEW CLUB for RETIRED FOLK who would enjoy music followed by a cup of tea and friendship. From TUESDAY 25th FEBRUARY the club “Musical Tee” will take place from 3pm to 4pm in the church hall led by Dr. Kay and a local group of musicians. If you know of anyone who would benefit by getting out of the house and meeting others, then please let Dr. Kay know by e-mail: KGauld@churchofscotland.org.uk; or by telephone 01464 820404. TRANSPORT can be provided. There is NO CHARGE for the CLUB. A donation towards tea and a fine piece would be appreciated. We look forward to seeing a good crowd there. Again we require VOLUNTEERS to make tea and cut cakes! If you can help at this club, please put your name on the sheet in the foyer. And grateful thanks to Angela and Alison for doing this too. The hope is that, come time, there will be an overlap with “Rattle and Shake” and “Musical Tee”.

3) “FUNSTERS” from 21st FEBRUARY - NEW FRIDAY NIGHT FORTNIGHTLY CLUB from 6pm to 7.30pm in the church hall run by Dr. Kay and assistant leaders: Diane McCallum, Karen Milne; Tracey Hay; Meg and Chantelle Smith and Thomas McCallum. While there be fun and laughter and working together as teams, we will also be working on projects to benefit the community. ALL WELCOME. COST £1 per child towards snacks. Thank you. If you would like a registration form, please e-mail Dr. Kay on KGauld@churchofscotland.org.uk or pick one up from Pamela at the D.I.Y. shop, or in the foyer. Registration by Sunday 16th February. If you can help serve the snacks, please put your name on the sheet at the door! Thank you!

MONDAY 27th JANUARY: The Bible Study Group meets in the small hall. ALL WELCOME. For the next seven weeks, the Bible Study will be following “24/7 Prayer”, guiding us through the Lord’s Prayer.

MONDAY 27th JANUARY at 7pm at the Manse: MEETING OF ALL LEADERS and anyone who wishes to help at the “FUNSTERS” Club.

TUESDAY 28th JANUARY at 7pm at 4a Mayfield Terrace, CHRISTIAN AID MEETING. Please give any apologies to Pat. Thank you.

FRIDAY 31st JANUARY: Our coffee mornings resume from 10am to noon in the church hall. If anyone would like transport, please let Dr. Kay or Diane McCallum know. Please encourage folk to come and enjoy a fine piece and a wee blether.

FRIDAY 31st JANUARY: FAMILY FISH and CHIP night followed by a film in the small hall. This is for ALL ages, and for those on their own too. Fish and Chips at discounted rates because of group booking. If you would like to come to the evening, please put your name on the sheet at the door with your choice of supper so that it can be ordered. Thank you! The film is “MR MAGORIUM’S WONDER EMPORIUM” and it is indeed magical! A lovely story for ALL AGES!

WEDNESDAY 5th FEBRUARY: Drumdarroch House Service at 2.30pm.

FRIDAY 7th FEBRUARY: Beetle Drive 6.30pm for 7pm in the church hall. Refreshments, sandwiches and cakes served at half time. There will be a raffle and a children’s stall. If you could donate anything for these, it would be greatly appreciated. (Children’s stall gifts by the end of the month, please.) Thank you!
PRICE: All ages the same, £2.50.

TUESDAY 11th FEBRUARY at 7.30pm: The Congregational Board and Kirk Session meet in the small hall.

FRIDAY 14th FEBRUARY: The Guild meet with guest Janette Mackie from TEARFUND. Organiser Brenda Bird.

SUNDAY 16th FEBRUARY we mark the Rev. John Mack’s retirement at the morning service followed by a lovely tea.

SUNDAY 16th FEBRUARY at 2pm: Foudland Court Service.


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