Our Weekly Prayer

God our Heavenly Father and Mother, we give you praise for an amazing summer during which we have enjoyed early morning walks with beloved pets, and in the cool of the evening we have enjoyed spending time with family and friends. We have basked in the light and warmth of Your Son; and our eyes have been stunned by the beauty of flower, field, forest and beach. Our ears have rejoiced to hear the voices of children playing and the barks of excited young dogs joining in the fun. We thank You for the wonderful world with which You have gifted us. May we always appreciate how awesome it is and how awesome is Your Creating, sustaining and renewing Hand.

God of grace, forgive us when we take our blessings for granted. Forgive us when we thirst for more than we need. Forgive us when we look down on folk, for the only time we should look down is to offer them a helping hand to get up on their feet. We pray especially for families who have lost a child, a spouse or partner, a parent, a sibling, a dear friend. Comfort and embrace them that they may truly know how much You love them, and thus bring healing and wholeness.

God of love, we pray for all our children and all the staff at our schools as they return for the new term. May children appreciate the privilege and blessing of education. Grant all the staff wisdom and discernment as they help each child grow in mental and physical stature. May parents show their support and their thankfulness of all that is done to enhance the lives of their children that our schools, towns and villages may remain a close knit community. This we ask in the name of Jesus, Amen. (KFG)

Our News

A VERY WARM WELCOME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY 18th AUGUST 2019 at 10.30am at INSCH-LESLIE-PREMNAY-OYNE PARISH CHURCH when we will have the joy of the Fun Week Service. Please stay for a fine tea across in the church hall. You are guaranteed a fancy piece and a blether, and will meet friends old and new!

PLEASE NOTE that there is a meeting of the Stewardship Committee this Tuesday at the manse at 7pm to prepare for the Scarecrow Festival.

SPECIAL REQUEST: Howe Trinity Church in Alford has asked for TWO people from our congregation to attend their service on Sunday the 25th of August and to take a greetings card with them from our congregation. Dr. Kay will accept the offer of the first two to respond at the end of the service. Thank you!

INVERURIE FOODBANK has a new wish list for AUGUST please! “We are very grateful for ALL food donations that are made here but this month we are particularly short of the following items: milk (UHT or powdered, please – NOT FRESH); breakfast cereals;
sponge puddings; biscuits; tins of Ravioli, sausage and beans, spag bol, etc.;
snacks (cereal bars, Pringles but no other crisps, etc.); diluting juice/squash;
shower gels, shampoo and deodorants.
Currently we have very good supplies of pasta, soup, beans and tea bags, thanks to your generosity. Thank you for your continuing support!”
You can read more about the UK picture on the Trussell Trust website (www.trusselltrust.org).

Our cleaner and church hall keeper is Mrs Diane McCallum. You can contact Diane on 07828 456651.

Dr. Kay has agreed to be a mentor for an enquirer into ministry. Mrs Barbora Varclova will be with us until October/November. She will participate in, or observe, certain tasks and duties of your minister and will be involved in our worship once a month.

INVERURIE MACULAR SUPPORT GROUP meets the third Thursday of every month, 10am to noon, at Hopeville Social Club, 34 Harlaw Road, AB51 4SR. The meetings are open to anyone affected by central vision loss. Family, friends and carers welcome. Contact Laura on 07948 352967.

Over the summer, CHRISTIAN AID is collecting any foreign coins which you may have left over after your holidays. You will find the collecting tin in the foyer. Thank you very much to Mrs Anne Campbell for arranging this for us.

The renovation of the hall toilets has been completed! There are final little touches to be added such as toilet rolls! This completes our upgrade of the hall except for a couple of doors which have to be changed or sanded and repainted. Thank you very much to our Toilet Team: Jane Reid, Diane McCallum and Johnny Hunter! They are certainly flushed with success!

SINCERE and GRATEFUL THANKS to all those who gave up their time and used their talents, enthusiasm and generosity to make the Fun Week the success that it was. We had ninety five children during the week! They were in no rush to go home at the end of each day, so that was a good sign!

SUNDAY 18th AUGUST: FUN WEEK SERVICE at 10.30am. Please support the children. Thank you.

SUNDAY 18th AUGUST at 2pm, Foudland Court Service.

WEDNESDAY 4th SEPTEMBER at 2.30pm Drumdarroch House Service.

FRIDAY 6th SEPTEMBER Quiz Night with Iain and Sam.

SUNDAY 8th SEPTEMBER Guild Dedication Service.

The Scarecrow Festival.

SUNDAY 6th OCTOBER Harvest Thanksgiving Service.

PLEASE let Dr. Kay know when church groups are starting up again and pass on the relevant information. She has a very busy month with student reviews due in the last two weeks of August. Thank you!

TUESDAY 13th to FRIDAY 16th AUGUST The Fun Week.


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