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on SUNDAY 24th OCTOBER 2021 at 10.30 am when there is a Special Service for the dedication of the SE5A model bi-plane in memory of Mrs Elizabeth and Mr Coutts Riddell who donated the bi-plane to our church and which is greatly admired by many when they sit in the pew. Coutts made and, at one time, flew this ‘plane! Please stay for refreshments and a blether after the service.    

National Giving Day

Congregations are being encouraged to participate in a National Giving Day on the day of their choosing between Sunday 5 September and Sunday 31 October 2021. This will provide people of all ages an opportunity to reflect on God's presence with us through these challenging times and to offer gifts of thanksgiving back to God.

Money received through this initiative will remain with participating congregations who will choose how to use these gifts. This money may be used to fund specific work, to launch a new project or simply to offset deficits, taking into account the challenging financial circumstances faced by many of our churches over the last year. Congregations can use the money locally or direct it towards projects at home or overseas, provided that it will be used in line with the charitable objectives of the Church.

The money raised through your congregation's involvement in the National Giving Day will not be assessable for Ministries and Mission purposes. 

Our Weekly Prayer

The Airmen and Women’s Prayer:
Pilot divine, and Lord of all on high

Yours are the starry squadrons of the sky!

Lead us whose wings for freedoms sake now soar,
Into our hearts Your faith and courage pour, 

Oh hear our prayer.

Set our course for our trust is laid in Thee!

O You, who chartest all eternity!

Through cloud and sunshine and darkest night,
Guide our wings who battle for the right,

O, hear our prayer.

Father and Friend, in whose Almighty Name

We dedicate our lives to freedom’s flame,

Bless now our wings as on through space we wend.
Bless us who, to Your care, our souls commend,

O, hear our prayer.

Our News

A VERY WARM WELCOME to the SUNDAY SERVICE at Insch-Leslie-Premnay-Oyne Parish Church on SUNDAY 24th OCTOBER 2021 at 10.30 am when there is a Special Service for the dedication of the SE5A model bi-plane in memory of Mrs Elizabeth and Mr Coutts Riddell who donated the bi-plane to our church and which is greatly admired by many when they sit in the pew. Coutts made and, at one time, flew this ‘plane!

Please stay for refreshments and a blether after the service. 

SPECIAL INTIMATIONS: If you took a pattern to knit for Oyne Parent Association (chocolate orange covers: Santa hat; pudding or snowman), please let Dr. Kay know. Thank you!

CHURCH PENS for sale in the foyer for £1. Good writers.

THANK YOU VERY MUCH to everyone who contributed in anyway to the success of the Fun Festival of Scarecrows.
Grateful thanks to all those who made such wonderful scarecrows for, without them, there would be no Fun Festival of Scarecrows! They were all brilliant! Sincere thanks to all the following: Johnny Hunter for the round bale o stray!
All who donated raffles - an amazing amount of them! Norman Shepherd for making the lovely garden bench for us; Pamela and David at the D.I.Y. Shop for selling scarecrow hunts;
Kerry Smith, Jane Reid and their volunteers for the most lovely teas snd lunches; all the volunteers at the church hall including Elaine Rough, Margaret Laing; Moira Thom; Sylvia Aitken; Jeannie McDonald; Tracey, Charley and Lilly Hay; Barbara Cruden; Johnny Hunter; Trish Herd, Fiona Stewart; Shona Cobban; and Diane McCallum; and a further thank you to Diane, Tracey, and Charley for pulling the raffle with the help of Alexa, phoning folk and delivering their prizes; to Diane and Nathan for keeping our buildings clean and safe; and to all from near and far who participated in the event!
We raised £500 for each school in the parish: Insch, Premnay and Oyne; and we raised £3, 515 for church funds, so a total of £5, 015! Sincere thanks for your wonderful support.
And the same weekend, our retiring offering for Christian Aid was £405.80. Grateful thanks!

Our LAST fund raising event this year will be the St. Andrew’s Night Supper and Doric Call my Bluff. At this event we would like to start selling tickets for CHRISTMAS HAMPERS as well as having an ordinary raffle. If you can donate anything at all for these hampers or for the raffle, we would be very grateful. May we please have donations by the 14th of November. Please deliver to Diane, Dr. Kay or to the church. THANK YOU!

MEALS (Soup and Sweet) are now being delivered every Thursday. We are very grateful to Tracey Hay for volunteering to provide a weekly nutritious meal for our elderly or vulnerable community and parish members. If you know of anyone who would benefit from a good meal, please let Dr. Kay or Diane know. Thank you! And sincere thanks to all our delivery drivers.

THE COMMUNITY FOOD LARDER is now closed as a shop but we will still provide our regular families with their food as well as NEW REQUESTS. We are happy to help anyone. Please contact Dr. Kay on 07951 059272, or Diane on 07828 456651 for deliveries. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL WHO REGULARLY DONATE. Dr. Kay doesn’t always know who you are, so please let her know your name and address and she would be very happy to send you a letter of grateful thanks.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE to make a donation to our church funds, the bank details are: TSB Sort Code 30-25-89 Account number 00753593. The name of the account is Insch Leslie Premnay Oyne Parish Church. Thank you for your generous support.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE to make a donation to the Community Larder, the bank details are: TSB 30-25-89 account number 00820428. The name of the account is Insch-Leslie-Premnay-Oyne Parish Church, and, most importantly, please write “Community Larder” ON THE BACK OF THE CHEQUE. Thank you very much for your generous support.

WORLD MISSION has asked us to continue stamp collecting in order to raise funds for The Women’s Development Centre in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Please take your stamps to church and Anne Campbell will collect them. And PLEASE leave a generous margin around each stamp! Thank you. Grateful thanks to Anne for volunteering to trim them.

MONDAY 25th OCTOBER The Bible Study Group is on holiday.


SUNDAY 7th NOVEMBER at 10.30am: Service to mark COP26 and also at 2.30pm the FIRST SERVICE at FOUDLAND COURT since March 2020! The service will include Holy Communion.

TUESDAY 9th NOVEMBER at 2pm: The Fun and Friendship Club meets in the hall.

FRIDAY 12th NOVEMBER at 2pm: THE GUILD meet in the small hall.

SUNDAY 14th NOVEMBER at 10.25am: REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY SERVICE in the church with the Scouts and Guides and our piper, Willie Johnstone; and at NOON at Insch War Memorial Hospital.

DR. KAY is on holiday after the Remembrance Service to Monday the 22nd of November. The Sunday Service on the 21st will be conducted by the Rev. John Mack.
😎 TUESDAY 23rd NOVEMBER at 2pm: The Fun and Friendship Club meets in the hall.

FRIDAY 26th NOVEMBER at 7pm: ST. ANDREW’S NIGHT SUPPER and DORIC CALL MY BLUFF. TICKETS ON SALE TODAY! £12.50 each. There will also be a hamper raffle and an ordinary raffle on the night. Thank you very much for your generous support.

SUNDAY 28th of NOVEMBER at 10.30am: Sunday Service (First Advent) with the Sacrament of Infant Baptism.

SUNDAY 5th of DECEMBER at 10.30am: Sunday Service (Second Advent);
ALSO in the evening at 6 pm a Service - “From Darkness to Light” - for all who have been bereaved, but in particular, all who have lost a loved one since March 2020.


TUESDAY 14th DECEMBER 1pm to 4pm: CHRISTMAS PARTY for all our young at heart in the parish! ALL WELCOME! Would the elders please make sure that their members are invited. Thank you very much!

SUNDAY 19th DECEMBER at 10.30am: The Nativity Service followed by mulled wine, mince pies and treats.



SUNDAY 26th DECEMBER at 10.30am: Service of lessons and carols. From noon, Dr. Kay will be in bed for a week recovering! Please do not disturb.  

Donate Online

Church of Scotland ministers are reaching out by phone or online to provide pastoral care and spiritual support to people who need reassurance, hope and comfort. Many are supporting our key workers and their families as they continue to deliver vital services. They are caring for bereaved families amid challenging restrictions.

In addition, many churches are providing critical community services such as running foodbanks and feeding the hungry and homeless. A donation from you can help support the Church's work in your area and ensure the Church is sufficiently equipped and resourced to face these challenging times.

Whether you are a church member who wants to continue to give your regular offering to your own congregation or a friend to the Church who is moved to contribute for the good of your community, we want to help you support the Church in whichever way you feel led.


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