Our Weekly Prayer

God of Love, our Father and Mother, You made us in Your image, therefore we know that You are a God who loves us and who gifted us with a sense of humour to laugh and to have fun. We thank You for all the laughter and fun by which we have been blessed while making our scarecrows for this weekend’s Festival. We are very grateful for the magnificent response there has been in our small community. We pray that visitors will come to our town and enjoy the great effort that everyone has made. May this Fun Festival help us to walk and talk in love and friendship.

We take a moment to pray for all those who are struggling at this time in their lives. It would be wonderful if scarecrows could scare away frightening things in our lives such as illness; infirmity; disability; bereavement; unemployment; addiction; depression or bullying and intimidation. Scarecrows cannot rid us of these frightening things in our lives, but Jesus can. He has promised that he will never leave us nor forsake us. “Cast your burden on him” for in our days of trouble, He will rescue us and carry us from darkness into Light. Amen. (KFG)

Our News

A VERY WARM WELCOME AWAITS YOU AT INSCH-LESLIE-PREMNAY-OYNE PARISH CHURCH on Sunday 15th SEPTEMBER at 10.30am when we have the fun celebration of the Scarecrow Festival. A special welcome to all visitors. Please stay after the service for tea/coffee, a fine piece and a wee blether. We would be delighted to see you.

SNEAK PREVIEW of some of the scarecrows this year! They are brilliant! x

SPECIAL INTIMATION: IT IS HERE! Let’s CROW! THE FUN FESTIVAL of SCARECROWS begins on SATURDAY 14th SEPTEMBER at 10am and ends on SUNDAY 15th at 4pm! Treasure hunt forms and maps can be obtained from the D.I.Y. shop and the church hall from 10am to 4pm on the Saturday and from the church hall on Sunday from noon until 4pm. Refreshments will be served in the hall all day Saturday and from noon on Sunday. Folk can rest there and use the toilets. There is a raffle which will be drawn in the afternoon. The WINNERS will be announced in the hall at 4pm on the Saturday. The treasure hunts can be handed in at the hall up to 4pm on the Sunday! PROCEEDS TO INSCH, OYNE and PREMNAY PRIMARY SCHOOLS, INSCH CONNECTION MUSEUM and CHRISTIAN AID! ENJOY A GREAT DAY OUT IN INSCH! We look forward to seeing you!

INVERURIE FOODBANK has a new wish list for AUGUST please! “We are very grateful for ALL food donations that are made here but this month we are particularly short of the following items: milk (UHT or powdered, please – NOT FRESH); breakfast cereals;
sponge puddings; biscuits; tins of Ravioli, sausage and beans, spag bol, etc.;
snacks (cereal bars, Pringles but no other crisps, etc.); diluting juice/squash;
shower gels, shampoo and deodorants.

Our cleaner and church hall keeper is Mrs Diane McCallum. You can contact Diane on 07828 456651.

Over the summer, CHRISTIAN AID is collecting any foreign coins which you may have left over after your holidays. You will find the collecting tin in the foyer. Thank you very much to Mrs Anne Campbell for arranging this for us.

THANK YOU TO ALL who are supporting the Fun Festival of Scarecrows in any way! It is still on going until 4pm on Sunday! Lovely teas will be served in the hall from 10am to 4pm on Saturday and from noon until 4pm on Sunday.

GRATEFUL THANKS to our Scarecrow competition judges: Caroline Davidson; Liz Wilkinson; Anne and Hugh Christie; Lauren Johnston; and Gavin McWilliam who all did an excellent job!

Our newsletter editor, Mrs Diane McCallum, would like to receive any articles for the October edition by FRIDAY 27th SEPTEMBER, thank you. Her e-mail address is: ruach71@btinternet.com

Flower donations would be gratefully accepted on Friday the 4th of October and the Saturday morning of the 5th of October for the Harvest decoration of the church. Thanking you in anticipation of your usual harvest generosity.

VOLUNTEERS PLEASE to help with a) the floral arrangements for the church and b) with the deliveries of the flowers after the church service on the Sunday. THANK YOU. If you can help, please put your name on the sheet at the door.


MONDAY 16th SEPTEMBER: The Bible Study Group meets at 7pm in the small hall. ALL WELCOME!

MONDAY SEPTEMBER 16th to the 27th Dr. Kay is on holiday. The Sunday Service will be conducted by the Rev. John Mack.

THURSDAY 19th SEPTEMBER: PRESBYTERY EVENT at Inverurie: St. Andrews, 7pm to 9pm to meet and show support for refugees living locally. A lovely tea will be served.

SUNDAY 20th SEPTEMBER at 6pm: Youth Summer Concert in Kintore Church for FREE.

MONDAY 23rd SEPTEMBER: The Bible Study Group meets at 7pm in the small hall. ALL WELCOME!

FRIDAY 27th SEPTEMBER: KIRK CAFE from 10am to noon for MacMillan Nurses.

SATURDAY 28th SEPTEMBER at 7.30pm: PROMS in PITMEDDAN CHURCH with Gordon Cree and Cheryl Forbes. Price £15 which includes refreshments. “A wonderful evening of music, laughter and song.” Pay at door or telephone 01651 842345.

MONDAY 30th SEPTEMBER: The Bible Study Group meets at 7pm in the small hall. ALL WELCOME!


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