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Please observe the social distancing rules with which we are all accustomed.    


Church of Scotland have issued its UPDATED guidance which can viewed HERE.

Please observe the social distancing rules with which we are all accustomed. PLEASE, if you can, KEEP ON YOUR MASKS until you leave the building. Thank you for your understanding. And


SPECIAL INTIMATION: As we are restricted to fifty people, would you please be so kind as to book your seats for church services through Diane McCallum on 07828 456651. 

The photographs of the church windows were taken after the Maundy Thursday Service. They show how beautiful our stained glass windows are.

Our Weekly Prayer

A PRAYER by Very Rev Professor David Fergusson, Dean of the Chapel Royal in Scotland and Dean of the Order of the Thistle, and Very Rev Dr Derek Browning:

Almighty God,
Whose presence comforts and inspires,
Whose people of faith set us a shining example to follow
Whose love and mercy surround us to the end of our days
We offer now our gratitude for your servant
Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.
For gifts of courage, duty and selfless service
Receive our thanks.
For concise speech and thought,
Receive our thanks.
For his passion for this diverse world,
And all its creatures,
We give you thanks.
For his unswerving commitment to country and Commonwealth,
We give you thanks.
We thank you also for the role he played
As husband, father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.
For the way in which he took the lead,
And challenged and set goals,
And encouraged all life to be lived to the full.
We bless you for his many years of marriage to our Queen,
For his steadfast support through her long reign,
And for the bonds of affection that sustained them through each stage of life.
We praise you for his enduring faith, unafraid to ask questions,
But loyal in devotion to the church.
For his work with the young especially through the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme
Which still enriches the lives of many in this country and across the world,
We give you thanks.
For his many links with the land and people of Scotland,
At Deeside, in the University of Edinburgh,
And across the many charitable causes to which he lent support,
We give you our heartfelt thanks.
We remember at this time all who will mourn his loss,
Especially those who knew him best and love him most.
We hold before you in our prayers Her Majesty the Queen.
The passing of a stalwart support, wise counselor and loyal friend
Will be hard to bear;
The passing of an understanding mind and compassionate heart
Will be hard to bear.
Give her strength and comfort,
Give her peace and acceptance,
That through the passage of time, bright memories and laughter
Will sustain her and remain
As testament to a long life of duty and love,
Dedicated to care of family,
And service to country.
To you we offer our thanks and praise today, as we seek strength and direction
For the way ahead in our own lives.
These prayers we offer in the name of Jesus Christ who taught us to pray, ‘Our Father…’

Our News

Thank you very much to all those who have messaged asking for Sheba. Sheba has not been well this week. She has been given a new injection for arthritis (only the second dog in Insch to get it!), but it may take one to three months for it to kick into her system, or it may not work. Please keep her in your prayers and keep your fingers, toes and eyes crossed for her. She appreciates that our Dunnydeer Vets are doing the best they can for her. 

THANK YOU to the Friends of Insch Hospital for donating 55 knitted chicks to put with our Easter meals last Thursday. Grateful thanks to all our fabulous knitters: Norma Allardyce, Lorraine Davidson, Margaret Laing; Deirdre MacDonald; Brenda Rennie; Mary Smart; Susan Williamson and Jeannie’s mother-in-law at ninty-ish knitted chicks! Well done everyone! They are beautiful! Apologies if someone has been missed out. Please let Dr. Kay know. 

Please remember CHRISTIAN AID in your prayers and in your giving if you can. Thank you. Donate at: or call 0845 700 0300.

WORLD MISSION has asked us to continue stamp collecting in order to raise funds for The Women’s Development Centre in Kandy, Sri Lanka. Please keep your stamps until the church is open again or contact Anne Campbell. And PLEASE leave a generous margin around each stamp! Thank you. She has already sent 37g of stamps to World Mission. Grateful thanks to Anne for volunteering to trim them.

Thank you very much to Diane and Father Bede for the Fun Easter Time which was certainly fun!

If you have any intimations, or notice that an intimation has been missed, please let Dr. Kay know. She cannot remember everything and has no secretarial help. Thank you. 

TUESDAY 13th APRIL at 7.30pm: The Congregational Board and Kirk Session meet. The ASM has been postponed until the accounts are audited.

FRIDAY 23rd APRIL to SUNDAY 25th APRIL KILT WALK for Christian Aid. “If your boots are made for walking, why not take part in the Kiltwalk? You can take on any Kiltwalk-inspired challenge you wish. Go for a walk (of any length), cycle, jump on a trampoline or take the family on a scavenger hunt! The Kiltwalk is happening virtually all across Scotland that weekend. Get moving for Christian Aid and The Hunter Foundation will increase your sponsorship by 50%! Sign up today and don’t forget to name Christian Aid as your chosen charity.

SUNDAY 25th. APRIL-There will probably be TWO Communion Services on the 25th April, one at 10.30am and one at 4pm. This will be confirmed after the Kirk Session. 

TUESDAY 11th MAY from 2pm to 3pm: Dr. Kay is having a Fun and Friendship afternoon as part of the Well Being Festival. There will be live music, funny poems, and fun! It has to take place OUTSIDE in the church garden, so there is a limit of fifteen people. If we have MORE than fifteen people, then we may have two sessions on the same day or the second session will be the next day. More details later. Please book through Diane as usual on 07828 456651. And please book as soon as possible so that we can get organised! It will be wonderful to have a gathering of friends! 

IF YOU ARE A VETERAN or know any VETERANS please pass on this information: Veterans Pathways to Wellbeing” revise Veterans and their families or carers with a range of activities to help build self-confidence and resilience. The following are now offered through the HUNTLY OFFICE:- Counselling (including children aged 11 and over); Mindfulness; Relaxation; access to training as a Jog Leader; Walk Leader; Led Bike Ride Leader; Mental Health First Aid; and Bike Maintenance. For further information please call 01466 793732 or message on FB, or email (Reg. charity SCO21861) 


The Community Food Larder is on holiday except for delivering to our regular families. ANY EMERGENCIES should contact Dr. Kay on 07951 059 272, or Diane on 07828 456651.

Thank you very much to Kerry Smith and Jane Reid for making soup and sweets for the elderly and vulnerable on Mondays in our church kitchen and to Kathryn Wilson and Estelle Gillespie for making soup and sweets on a Thursday at the BLC kitchen! And thank you very much to all our volunteer drivers! Everyone is having an Easter break. The meals will continue in May and June, although the cooks may be different. Thank you very much to Jackie Cruickshank for volunteering to make soup and sweets on a Thursday!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE to make a donation to our church funds, the bank details are: TSB Sort Code 30-25-89 Account number 00753593. The name of the account is Insch Leslie Premnay Oyne Parish Church. Thank you for your generous support.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE to make a donation to the Community Larder, the bank details are: TSB 30-25-89 account number 00820428. The name of the account is Insch-Leslie-Premnay-Oyne Parish Church, and, most importantly, please write “Community Larder” ON THE BACK OF THE CHEQUE. Thank you very much for your generous support.

If you would like to show your support for keeping Insch War Memorial Hospital open, then, at the request of the Friends, please make a red heart and pop it in your window, on your door, or somewhere appropriate for folk to see. Thank you.
Please check out the Friends FB page.

Donate Online

Church of Scotland ministers are reaching out by phone or online to provide pastoral care and spiritual support to people who need reassurance, hope and comfort. Many are supporting our key workers and their families as they continue to deliver vital services. They are caring for bereaved families amid challenging restrictions.

In addition, many churches are providing critical community services such as running foodbanks and feeding the hungry and homeless. A donation from you can help support the Church's work in your area and ensure the Church is sufficiently equipped and resourced to face these challenging times.

Whether you are a church member who wants to continue to give your regular offering to your own congregation or a friend to the Church who is moved to contribute for the good of your community, we want to help you support the Church in whichever way you feel led.


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